Monday, June 04, 2007


Did you guys know about this and just didn't tell me?

I put my name on the list just now. I'm dying to get in there and find out what it's all about. (That's right, they're not taking just anybody... you gotta get on the list and wait and hope. I'm just kidding, it's still beta and they're easing into it).

Do you think that people will sell invitations on eBay like they did when gmail was still new and beta? *smirk*


Barbara said...

I signed up for Ravelry. I heard about it from the Lime and Violet podcast. They said it was like My Space for knitters. Can't wait to get in too!

Lystessa said...

From what I've managed to glean off the blogs of those who are in it already, it really does sound like a cross between myspace and the knitting section of craftster. With a dash of knitblog and a sophisticated search engine thrown in.
Oh man I want in!