Friday, September 30, 2005

Picture Time!

Okay, I reckon it's about time I got some pics of my work up here. There's a few so for this one I'm just going to link them.

My husband and I in our handmade costumes two years ago. I made mine and he made his.
Gypsy & Robot

I also hemmed and sewed snaps onto a piece of fabric for our roommate. Unfortunately I was down to the wire on the snaps and I hate handsewing anyway, and she was forced to resort to safety pins during the party.

I made her boyfriend's vest and pants too. They've since gotten married, but they were still dating in this picture.

I made this shirt while I was pregnant in Hawaii. It has drawstrings in the back. I thought it might have enough ease to still fit me in December, when I returned to my home 6 months pregnant...haha, yeah right. But at least I got to enjoy it after the baby was born, and will wear it again this winter!
Crushed Velvet Shirt

Here's my little boy modeling his fleece "Super Sebastian" diaper cover.
Super Sebastian

These are some diaper covers and a "wetbag" I made. I still haven't gotten up the nerve to really try the wetbag, but the diaper covers work great.
Diaper Covers & Wetbag

Here's my boy modeling one of the diaper covers from the previous picture. Just for the record, using food dyes for wool clothes has been a bit of a disappointment for me. Although the colors appear to fade only very slowly in the garment, they never fail to "bleed" when I handwash them (in cold water).
Kool-Aid Dyed Soaker

This is a diaper cover I have since finished. I gave it longer legs so it looks more like shorts. But I am never making a diaper cover with stripes again! Well....maybe just one stripe wouldn't be so bad...
Too Many Stripes

I couldn't let this hapless doll wear hideous '80s mismatched neons anymore! (I also made her a matching thong ;^)
Cottage Chic