Sunday, July 19, 2009

Some Hats

I'm now working full-time, an hour away from where I live. Despite my change in status I do have a few things to show you. Mostly hats. :^)

I finally got a pic of the pirate hat!



And I came up with a little something for my son, using bright multi-colored handspun and blue malabrigo.




I made a variant of the "slingshot" pattern to help me manage all of my stuff for work. Having a handle on my coffee is surprisingly, uh, handy!



It's hard working full time. It only takes one cat to put me completely out these days (it used to require at least 2 of them!)


I bet you can almost hear the snore-purring.

We're renting a house with a big (as in 2+ acre) yard now. I love having more room for plants but it was a huge mess when we moved in, and it still requires a fair bit of maintenance to keep from going back to the wild. Not to mention that it was absolutely full of poison ivy. Seriously, imagine a poison ivy field. Surprisingly beautiful, but thoroughly annoying. I have managed to get most of the poison under control and I just deal with it if I get some on me. We have several really beautiful, huge trees including the pecan tree in the picture. I hope we're able to buy a house with some lovely old trees when the time is right.


Bye for now!