Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Mine, All Mine!

My yarn came yesterday. And the book. And the dye kit.

I pored (geez, I've seen this misspelled so many times it looks wrong even when it's right) through the book. Even the guys enjoyed looking through this book of patterns. ;^)

I put the dye kit up for now. I tend to dye when I'm feeling bored.

And the yarn. It's very lush - Andean Silk from In fact, I started on Sahara last night because I just couldn't wait.

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This is the first section. Just looks like a rectangle, huh? That's because that's what it is (at the top of the back). The next section starts shaping for the armholes. It's very soft and yummy yarn, but I think I might have to shave the sweater when it's finished. The yarn is kind of hairy!

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