Thursday, June 28, 2007


Or whatever it is that Lightning says in Cars... I finally got a really dark dyejob.

It only bled for hours and hours and forced me to felt it to finally get all the red dye out of it. It seriously looked and felt like it was bleeding! Very gross. I think it would have been slightly less gross if it really had been bleeding. At least then it wouldn't have dyed my hands.

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But it is so perfectly what I was trying to create! I just need to learn how to get what I want without wasting so much dye.

Also, I know what you crave, Barbara. Yes, that's right. Check this out:
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At least one of those center pull balls is yours. I had intended it to be the 3-ply one, and I spun it first. But I didn't expect the single to come out so even or so thin... so we'll see if Beth sees any potential in it or not. I like them both a lot more now than when I was spinning them. I've never had to put so much pre-spinning work into yarn!

Anyways, gotta run!

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geekette said...

:: ears perk ::

Did someone mention my name and yarn in the same sentence?