Monday, June 18, 2007

Kitty Pictures

We're still working on names for these cute little guys, but here's a couple of pictures.

The boy, still pretty shy (except when playing with his sister!). His eyes are actually a pale dirty yellow; much prettier than it sounds.

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The girl. Notice that the tabby in her shows up in markings above her eyes, and there are lighter markings between her ears. Her eyes are a very pale blue.

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The boy kitty cries if he finds himself alone in a room for very long. He likes to have his sister nearby but he'll also calm down if I hold him or pet him. I think she would have been fine even if we had only adopted her, but they're so sweet together and I'm really glad we have them both.

The girl kitty actually allowed Sebastian to come up and pet her and he picked her up. It took a few reminders to him that he needed to be quiet and walk up slowly, but he seems to be getting it. Sebastian is learning how to be gentle very quickly since he absolutely loves the kitties and wants to pet them all the time.

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geekette said...

So cute! Your little girl kitty might want to rethink that whole "hiding under the rocking chair" bit...or just make sure she keeps her tail close by!

Lystessa said...

Yeah, it's really kind of nervewracking since Sebastian doesn't understand that rocking the chair while they're underneath could hurt them. They seem pretty smart so far at not letting their tails get under the treads. And I keep reminding Sebastian how to behave appropriately.

Anonymous said...

followed the link to your blog from craftster (the post about the fish bed). your kitties are so cute! the strange thing is, they look just like mine! except my black one is 11 yrs older than my ragdoll (she looks siamese). ok thats all

Lystessa said...

Wow, that is kind of trippy. Very cool!

Thanks for checking out my blog!