Friday, June 22, 2007

I Caught One!

Sorry for so many kitty pics, but I just had to post one more.

My fish ate a kitty!
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Haha, this was so awesome. The toddler was chasing down Kokomo and he ran into my fish to escape! After that I had to defend his hidey hole. He stayed in there for over an hour (which was better than I had expected when I made it).

I thought he had snuck out long before I took the pic but when I stuck my hand in there I could feel him. If I hadn't used the flash he would have been invisible in the picture too.


Ilix said...

Great cat bed!! i am so going to have to find that pattern and make a few as gifts!!! Love the action shots!

Lystessa said...


Be warned - it is a pain in the butt pattern.

geekette said...

You just need to make some to hand out to your kitty loving friends. Just a couple - not asking for much...

Lystessa said...

Hope you're patient... this one took me years to finish. Hahaha!

But we were mulling over the possibility of quilting the side pieces thickly instead of using foam (on Craftster). My sewing machine might be able to handle that.

Either way though, this pattern is definitely for petite kitties.