Monday, June 05, 2006

Yay for Yoga Socks!

Dear knitting addicts,

I'm thinking about trying out a bit of a letter format. Do you like it so far?

I've had some pics sitting on the camera for a while (and now there are more waiting, heh) so here is the backlog. We just got back from visiting family in the mountains and I have lots of stuff to catch up on this here blog.

First and foremost, finished for over two weeks (maybe pushing three now?), are the wonderful Yoga Socks from Just Jussi. I will link this pattern in the sidebar as usual.

I don't actually do yoga. But if my ankles get cold, regardless of how hot I am anywhere else, it makes my knees hurt. I wanted ankle warmers! These do the job nicely and I feel like a gymnast every time I look at my feet.

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Don't they just look so spiffy?

Yours truly,


jussi said...

oh they look wonderful!
it's always such a relief when someone else understands the gobbledegook that passes for my knitting patterns!

Lystessa said...

I love these socks! I wear them all the time (now, in fact). Knitting these socks have given me a biting addiction to sock yarn.
I meant to write you and thank you for the pattern, but you beat me to it!


Jones Morris said...

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