Monday, June 05, 2006

The Lilies

Dear Knitters Who Also Love Their Gardens,

I know I mentioned I had recently returned from a trip to the mountains a couple of posts back. We stayed for a week. On the day that we were to leave, my lilies finally started to bloom. Well, one of the plants did anyway.

This is what I was presented with on the morning of departure:
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Good, right? No!!! I had been waiting for months for those fat little buds to finally open, and they wait until the exact day I'm leaving on a week-long trip?!

But it was okay. Because this is what I got to see the day I got home:
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The two flowers from the first photo had already dropped, of course, but almost all the rest were in full bloom.


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Greylin said...


les fleurs son bellisima.

can i mix language like that?