Friday, June 16, 2006

Hat for my Cousin

Dear Blog-addicted Knitters,

I made a hat for my cousin's soon-to-be baby. <:^) I have finally remembered to share it with you.

I'm also making a sweater, and I'm going to try and coordinate it by embroidering it with the green that I used for this hat.

I've actually been done with this hat since the trip to the mountains, I just kept forgetting to post a picture. I've been knitting on other stuff, but they're bigger projects than my usual (legwarmers for my munchkin and a baby sweater instead of, uh, hats, heh).

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With flash:
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The pattern is one I've knitted before, so the link is already on the sidebar. (It's "Leaf Edge Hat" under "Recent Entries").

Happy Father's Day Weekend, Everybody!


lyssa said...

I made one of those hats for me, in worsted weight...I love it!

Lystessa said...

Neat, I would love to see it on you!