Monday, June 05, 2006

My handspun hat

Dear Knitting Fiends,

I finally made myself a hat, plus I got to use up my favorite handspun. You saw my yarn earlier, it looked all pretty and tie-dyed. I shouldn't have made this hat pattern with it though, or at least I should have changed the gauge. My yarn was thicker than it looked and I really hate insanely tight knitting. My hands were hurting by the time I finished this... but I do really like the dense feel of it.

Front View:
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Back View:
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I rather think it looks like a swimming cap. My husband said it looked "rasta" with my hair hanging out of it. (I think we're too white to use words like rasta without sounding stupid, but I didn't tell him that).

Loopy like always,


mama-of-purl said...

YAY! That's one gorgeous hat!! Looks perfect! And that yaaaarrrrn....well, I've already told you how much me likey;-)

Lystessa said...

Thank you! Although truthfully the best parts of the yarn were already in it before I spun it - the luxurious fiber blend and the yummy colors.


Monica said...

The hat looks great, the colors are wonderful!