Sunday, April 29, 2007

Feathers In Your Hair

I saw something similar on etsy once, and I was so inspired I had to try my hand at making some. Except mine are better, of course. Well, they are different at least.

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The chain and crystal bead were completely my idea, and even the plain one has more interesting feathers than the inspiration. I would show you how they look in hair, but I'm still sick and I look pretty icky.


staci311 said...

Hey, i've been looking for a way to tie a feather in my hair for the longest time. I was going to try tying a leather strand around a lock of hair and the feather to the end of it but that seems super impractical. A clip like these ones would be great. Could you share with me how you made them or are they for sale? I think they're beautiful...

Lystessa said...

I had toyed with the idea of selling them, but I couldn't get them fast enough or quite professional enough to really suit me.

For all of them I took a regular feather and a fluffy feather and trimmed them until I liked the shape. I think I may have glued them together at this point.

On the clip I attempted to glue the end of the ribbon to the bottom of the clip and wrapped a few times. Then I laid the feather on top of the ribbon and continued wrapping until the end was covered before cutting and gluing down the ribbon. I was using superglue and it shows on fabric even when it's dry, so I had to be really careful with it.

The chain was done similarly, except I attached the feather to a length of wire which had been attached to the chain, and of course I attached the chain to the hairpin in a similar way. (The exception was that I didn't start the ribbon at the very end of the hairpin). I can't remember, but I might have threaded the ribbon through the end link on the chain... Not sure, though.

Good luck!

maggie_hogan said...

your photos don't appear anymore~ can you reactivate your photobucket so we can see your clips? it sounds like they might be just the thing i'm looking for...

Anonymous said...

how did you exactly made these?
the chains are just taped on the feathers?
please post more info.
and what are they called?

Lystessa said...

Hi Anonymous,

I tried to explain how I made them in a previous comment (above Maggie's comment). It has actually been several years since I messed with these and I honestly couldn't tell you what I did at this point!