Sunday, April 29, 2007

Cutesy Patootsie

I've been yucky sick for the last week. Instead of working on the knitting and sewing projects I had already started, I started something new and frivolous! Frivolous, because I don't have a girl and I'm not pregnant. At least as far as I know (strong declarative statements just invite fate to prove you wrong...and make you look stupid at the same time).

I did eventually convince myself to work on the other things I had already started but I still have yet to do any chores this week. Poor, poor husband has been doing the dishes all week.

This is the front:
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It's lined!
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Another view of the lining:
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I made the entire thing out of yarn that I spun myself. The waistband and cuffs were spun from roving that I dyed, and the outside was handdyed roving that I received for my sock swap. The lining was some delicious shetland wool/mohair/angora blend roving that I bought from Avillion Farm in Apex. Check her site out, she does online orders too.

I wasn't actually planning to line the thing, but it was a bit too airy and I wanted it to be functional too. I do regret adding the frills to the cuffs, but maybe it will look cuter on a baby.

Pattern used was slightly modified from Ms. Crafty Galore's gem, found here on punk knitters: Punk Knitters Basic Soaker Pattern.

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