Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Not Exactly Knitting

I keep getting these ideas, so I bought a sketchbook to write them down in. Now I write down the idea and never make it.... I'm not entirely sure it's an improvement over having an idea obsess me. But, I did get an idea from some website that had a pattern for baby shoes. I figured I could do it better (yeah, ok so what I really figured was that it would take me longer to find the site and print the pattern than it would to just trace Sebastian's shoes) and I made up some shoes of my own. From a sweater that I originally bought to recycle the yarn because it was merino and angora(!), but it was so felted it wouldn't come apart at all. No, it wasn't painfully obvious at the thrift store. Look, you try evaluating sweaters for useful yarn while wearing a whiny boy on your back. I was doing good to target sweaters that had nice fiber content. And I did score a 100% cashmere sweater that works, although I will have to ply the yarn to make it usable.

So anyway, I've been wanting to make bullion stitch roses for ages. Maybe since my childhood, I don't know. And this seemed the perfect excuse - I could embroider/make some shoes and sell them! Not. There were a few issues. Minor things, overlookable in a gift but I couldn't sell them. Okay, enough of the blah-blah, here's the pics.

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Eh, I thought they would show up a little better than that. Oh well, you get the general idea. The backs are too high and look like weird misshapen boots when they're actually on a baby. This also adds a rather excessive amount of bulk for a girl's shoe, and when I sewed everything together I had to redraw my stitch lines. I didn't redraw them very well and one shoe has a larger front piece than the other, and the embroidery isn't centered properly (another effect of the redraw).

But the next ones will be better! If I can ever convince myself to do anything that involves stitching leather ever again...

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Shadmere said...

They look good, though. :)