Monday, August 14, 2006

Don't You Wish Your Barbie Was A Freak Like Mine?

Hehehe, I've been trying to come up with patterns and ideas for clothes. Unfortunately my short row experience is somewhat limited so I have taken advantage of my Barbie doll to test out some ideas.

It worked out almost exactly like I wanted.

I don't really like the options available for securing Barbie clothes while still allowing them to pass over her head, so I came up with another option.

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Do ya like it?

Please ignore the skirt. I plan on recreating that (with short rows, hah!) relatively soon.



Greylin said...

Ooh, sexy! I would totally wear a top that laced like that, provided that the overall look isn't too sleazy. Where you thinking of doing it like that scaled up, or doing it as a tank or halter?

Lystessa said...

I actually am not that fond of fiddly bits like ties on my own clothing, unless it's something extra special. And halters make my neck hurt (I'm serious!).

But I was hoping to make up a pattern with the lacing eventually. For my own thing I am trying to come up with a tank pattern to use my handspun cotton. I thought I had a lot... but I guess ~320 yards isn't really enough for a decent tank top so I will probably make it cropped or sports bra style.
I really want to be confident when I start knitting that I'm not screwing it up, hence the short row Barbie practice!

Nik said...

um, is that YOUR barbie?
I have no idea where mine went.

Oh wait. i remember. My brothers separated all their heads from their bodies and destroyed them.