Saturday, August 19, 2006

For The First Time,

I'm knitting a shirt-type thing for me. Actually this is going to be the first shirt-type thing I've made for any adult ever.

So far I've tried it on a few times, and I'm happy to report that the short-row shaping I used for Barbie is working quite nicely. But I didn't take a pic of me trying it on because, as you can see from the pic,

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that would be showing a bit more skin than I'm comfortable having on the big ol' internet.

This is some handspun, naturally colored FoxFibre* cotton that I spun 3-ply. I am really excited about this tanktop because I just know it's going to be a favorite if I don't manage to goof up the knitting details.

* The article I linked on FoxFibre doesn't mention it, but around the time that cotton production became mechanized slaves were still growing the naturally colored cottons for their own personal use but were not given as free access to white cotton varieties (I'm not sure if they were allowed to grow it for themselves at all, but I didn't want to rule it out b/c I honestly don't know). This unfortunately had the effect of stigmatizing naturally colored cotton in the eyes of non-slaves. Luckily there were some families who kept the culture of these cottons going even after their liberation, and you can find seed for green and tan varieties if you do some searching.
In Peruvian culture the natural colors were explored more intensively and over a much longer period of time, and so they have developed several more color variations. And they guard the seed jealously. <:^(

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