Sunday, April 06, 2008

Toddler Bathrobe

My poor husband has been busy for the better part of the last month or so, working on a project for his class. (His last class, hopefully. Maybe he'll agree to another kid if he gets a good job, hehe).

But he took some time to make us chocolate chip pancakes this morning. They're so good we don't even bother with syrup. It would distract from the awesomeness. Hmmmm? Oh, I didn't have a point. I just wanted to brag that I had chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and you didn't. Bwa-ha-ha!

Anyhow, I do have a finished project to show you. I wasn't sure I would be able to force myself to finish it. But my little guy was very excited about it... he nearly threw a fit once when he saw me knitting on something else.

Him: "What are you doing?" He knew I was knitting.
Me: "Knitting."
Him: "Knitting my bathrobe?" He knew it wasn't. Sneaky little boy.
Me: "No..."
Him: "I want my bathrobe! I wanna wear my bathrobe!" Holy cow, kid! ;^)

I recycled yarn from a thrift store sweater. (Yeah, you were beginning to wonder if I ever knitted the yarn I dismantled, huh?) I bought it as a candidate for yarn harvesting, but I liked it. So I washed it. It shrank. (Wha? Did the previous owner never wash it? It's cotton, seriously!) So I ended up dismantling it anyway. I barely had enough yarn to make this bathrobe for my boy. It's not a pattern, I just winged it and tried to base it loosely on the style of my own bathrobe.


It's the Fonz!



Do you remember the orange silk noil raglan sweater I knitted for him? If I let him choose his own shirt he almost always picks that one. I LOVE this boy! He definitely knows how to get more handknits - just be super appreciative. :^)


Adrienne said...

That is adorable!!!

Nik said...

he looks so grown up.

Our little boy is growing up. *sniff*