Thursday, April 24, 2008

Spinning & Dyeing

I'm getting ready to design some lingerie, and dyed up some 70/30 silk/cotton blend (recycled, of course, hehe) to that purpose. Also, I didn't realize it had cotton in it when I was dyeing it and now I know why I couldn't get it quite as dark as I wanted. I wouldn't have used acid dyes if I had known, but it came out nice so oh well.

This was the smallest skein, and had surprisingly even dye coverage. I was happier with the more variable effects I got on the other skeins but I didn't photograph them.


And on the spinning front, I had previously dyed some shetland/angora blend to spin up some custom yarn for my friend. She was enamored of the yarn I had spun to enter in the state fair last year, and of the scarf I knitted from it.

The yarn is actually a little bit greener and a little bit darker. The thread, beads and black parts of the yarn are pretty close to real color.




Jacob said...
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Dharma said...

Love that dye job!

Lystessa said...

Thank you!