Saturday, December 08, 2007

The Ravelry Ate My Blog Posts

It's true, I swear. I have been very good at posting on Ravelry, and not so good about keeping up with my blog.

But I do have some things to chat about. Remember my pattern, Thalia?

Sanguine Gryphon has accepted my submission (pending a few details). It will highlight her yarn Dance, which is 100% silk noil. I've started working on getting the pattern into the appropriate format for her, and I'm going to be knitting a sample piece for her too.

I've knit up a cute little raglan for my boy in the same yarn in the Merengue color. (I ran out, haha, so I had to switch to a different yarn at the collar). He loves this sweater. Such a good boy. :^)

The spiraling on the sleeves is a defect of my method with DPNs. Ah well, it's better than ladders and has become less noticeable with wear.



I have some more things to add (as always), but they will have to wait.

P.S. - I have started on the Knitted Fitted Pocket Diaper pattern, but it's going to be a while before I finish it with a toddler around. I've gotten to a section that requires concentration (partly to remember what on earth I did, hah).


mel said...

Congratulations!! Thalia will look lovely in Gryphon's yarn (and she is SO great to work with!)

I think the spiraling on the sleeves looks like a pretty cool design element - I wouldn't have guessed that it wasn't intentional!

f. pea said...

Wow - congrats on having your gorgeous pattern published! And by the way... you have the cutest son EVER!

Lystessa said...