Monday, February 18, 2008

It's Starting To Feel Like Spring

The weather has been so weird here. We've had warmer weather and some rain over the last week and today it even smells like spring to me. I guess it's not really surprising since it is almost time for the early flowers to start blooming. But it's reminding me that my son's birthday (and easter) are fast approaching. This year they're only one day apart.

So I made him a cute little bunny. Aside from the ears and tail, it is made from a square "swatch" of knitting. I'm pretty sure sewing it together took longer than the actual knitting of it. ;^)

Knitted Bunny, from Heartstrings FiberArts. I used a mohair blend lace yarn (Crystal Palace Kid Merino) held double. The tail is angora fibers, and the nose is some leftover cashmere from a recycled sweater.






Jacob said...

That's really cute. =) I also have to admit, your kid's growing up all adorable-like. Haha.

You been doing well lately?

Lystessa said...

Yes, thanks! I don't seem to have your email, or I would have written you directly. (Or I forgot your alias... heh).

Actually, it looks like the lady I'm collaborating with will have my pattern up soon. :'D

It looks pretty good on her, if I do say so.

Lystessa said...

Grrrr, it cut off the link. Let me try it a different way.

Thalis Buzz

Lystessa said...

And if I could spell it would have been better. Oh well, you know it is supposed to be "Thalia Buzz", right?