Monday, February 18, 2008

Little Projects Finish Fast!

So of course, as I'm finishing things that have been on the needles a while, I reward myself by casting on more new things. But small ones, so they go quicker. I have two to show you but I'm going to put them in separate posts. :^)

This nifty ball is knit in motifs and then stitches are picked up from the side(s) of the last motif(s) to form part of the next one. It's a pain to knit silk noil yarn really tight (it feels like cotton), but I'm very happy that none of the stuffing shows!

Celestine Ball, by Norah Gaughan. I used my handdyed and handspun silk noil (with a wpi of about 12 wpi it would be considered DK weight, but it was very dense compared to other yarns of similar weight). I modified this pattern by casting on fewer stitches and knitting one less row between each decrease row b/c I wasn't sure I would have enough yarn and I was getting a larger gauge. Therefore, mine is less pointy than the original.

I made it for my boy. He likes it, and so do the cats. Hehe.



Pretty neat, huh? I'm contemplating making a few more, smaller and pointier and in a cheap shiny yarn, for ornaments. Later. Maybe.

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wonderful! I think it is a perfect baby present