Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Little Spooky

So, I went to the store to find a box for all the yarn that I might consider selling...

When I found the box that was the perfect size and not too expensive, I had this weird feeling that I wasn't the first one to imagine how great it would be to put yarn in it.


It's like they saw me coming and said "Quick! Here she comes - put the knitting label on that box!"

(Yes, it even has a picture of knitting needles in the box with the yarn. Hehe).

Anyway. I dyed some yarn the other day. Actually, I overdyed some bright red silk yarn that used to be a bright red shirt. It was too much a primary red to look good on me, and a rather unflattering cut. I bought it to be yarn but it definitely needed to be a different color.


So yeah, I dyed it with black and blue. I was kind of expecting a dark purple color. Not that I'm complaining, because this color will be great on me!

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