Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sahara Progress

I finally got around to editing my pics. This one is a bit outdated but it shows the shaping of Sahara coming along.

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I bought myself a knitting bag to hold it because my other bags were a bit small. I found the perfect bag and it was on clearance... only problem was it had Tinkerbell on it.

Here's a pic showing the beginning of the transformation:

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I forgot to take a pic before starting. I've already added brown to her hair, outlined her wings in purple and her dress in green, added brown to her eyebrows so they're not just lines, added curved lines to show the sides of her nostrils (it was just one long line for her nose and a dot for the nostril opening before). I shaded her eyes in with green, gave her purple eyeshadow, gave her jewelry, and drew in purple nail polish. That one is really subtle.

I'll take a picture of the finished bag soon.

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