Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I ordered a fancy coffeemaker on Monday. It got here today. From Texas... I think they must have got my order, and immediately jumped in a truck to zip it up here. They're lucky they didn't get caught for speeding.

I mean really? Two days for standard shipping? Woo-hoo!!

I was nervous about the website, because it looked a little sketchy but they have definitely impressed me so far. And I haven't noticed any additional charges on my paypal. ;^)

So, the coffeemaker. It's called Aeropress and it's kind of like a french press, but engineered and tweaked a bit to make even smoother coffee. Supposedly. I looked at reviews on this and other french presses on and this one had nearly unanimous raving reviews. And lot of them, too.

I just tried it. With this particular coffee it's definitely a heck of a lot better than my little coffeepot. It's a breeze to clean. I think there's less grounds in the coffee, but I haven't got to the bottom of the cup yet. And I already had a thermometer so the all-important temperature factor is something I can control.

Also, in unrelated news, I got into Ravelry. Yeah... I'm already in the coffee & tea lovers' group. It's going to take me a while just to get my older projects loaded into the system. And the websurfing, yeah, I could lose a few days in there.

Since I probably won't be able to sleep after testing out the aeropress, maybe it's a good thing? Just pity my husband, haha.

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