Thursday, July 27, 2006

Another Baby Gift

Dear Knitters of Fine Baby Apparel,

This pair of sweatpants is for a friend (not my cousin this time). She admired some soaker longies I was making for the boy a while back so I think she will like these. And she has been told that she's having a boy so I could embellish with more than green and yellow! ;^)

So have a look. The pattern is from Drops Baby 13-14. I found it a little confusing in places, and it seemed like a huge number of stitches to cast on and then increase for a 1-3 month baby. I altered the waist to have elastic in it because I was pretty sure even ribbing would not hold this sucker up, plus it was merino. As a sidenote, it's not intended for a cloth-diapered baby but there is plenty of room in there for it to make a fine soaker/diaper cover.

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Front Increase Detail:
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Colorwork Detail:
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It was a fun piece, and I learned several tricks and some new techniques. The nice roominess of the back was from short rows at the beginning, and I tried out Two-Handed Fair Isle. I was also impressed by how adding several increases at the front crotch area helped to define the front and legs into more of a sweatpants shape.

That's all for now, I'm working on a baby towel. It's for my little man!

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