Sunday, July 02, 2006

Finally, Finally DONE

Dear Knitters Who Have Been Anxiously Waiting,

I have finally finished the baby sweater for my cousin. I think I'm even surprised at how well it turned out.

Here, see for yourselves!

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Front Detail:
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Back Detail:
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Top View (To show how the embroidery crosses the seam):
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Whew! I felt so nervous with every stab of that yarn needle! It didn't help that, since it was in my favorite yarn, and I did a good job, that the knitting part was absolutely wonderful. Any mistake I made would be twice the mistake - screw up the embroidery and the knitting at the same time! It's not like I was embroidering it to improve it. I really think I would have liked it as much had I left it plain.

But... lucky me, (or maybe OCD, take it out and redo it if the curve isn't perfect, drive myself insane me) I did a pretty good job and the sweater has a leaf to coordinate perfectly with the hat.

Yay!!!!!!!! Don't expect any more embroidery out of me for a while!

P.S. - Don't waste your time doing chain stitch with a needle. It's tons faster (and easier to pull out and fix) if you just use a crochet hook. Plus you don't have to cut your thread until the end.

Enjoy your 4th of July Everybody!


pippi said...

that is really beautiful!

Nik said...

that IS quite beautiful. wow, girl.

Lystessa said...

Thank you!


Shadmere said...

That's really awesome. :)

Desirée said...

Hi there! Thanks for the comment on my site.

This sweater is SO cool! Wowza!

Nice meetin' ya.

Monica said...

That sweater looks great! Very nicely done!

Thanks for your comment. I think she is a natural. She's very crafty all around, will be fun to watch her grow up.

Julia said...

Wow, I'm seriously impressed! What beautiful embroidery! I'm totally into leaves, so you're hitting home with me:-)
Gorgeous sweater, and really unique.