Monday, February 20, 2006

Holy handmade soakers, Batman!

It came to me in a dream. (Never knit just before bedtime.) So with the help of this soaker pattern and Knitpro's web app, I designed the diaper cover of my dreams.

Here's a pic.

Knit geek details:

I knit the diaper cover in solid black in the round, and then added the yellow insignia in duplicate stitch. It's knit with wool-ease on #8 needles, and I used a modified ribbed waistband to eliminate the i-cord tie. (Lystessa gave me the pattern: K1P1 on #4's for 2", K3P1 on #6's for 1", then switch to stockinette on #8s) I picked up stitches around the leg openings and added a ribbed cuff, which I bound off with picots to keep it stretchy.

Next project: Spiderman! (My first intarsia.)

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