Thursday, December 08, 2005

Diaper Cover turned Skirt

I started this as a diaper cover. Well I should say that I saw this yarn and just had to have it. I then justified its purchase by starting a diaper cover...but then I thought "this seems like it might be too thin. I don't want to take it all apart but how can I deal with the frustration if it really is too thin???" So I switched gears and finished it as a skirt for a friend instead.

(In progress, on my workspace)
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Thanks to Curly Purly for the pleated waistband option!
Curly Purly Patterns

Thanks to Punk_Knitters for the original diaper cover pattern!

I made the skirt part by doing a {yo, k1, yo} at equal intervals. (For this it was 10-stitch groups on the first row). Every other row I knit across in the round. On every other pattern row, I also did {sl 1, k2tog, psso} evenly spaced between the increases. This helped keep it from growing too fast. At the bottom I ended the pattern with the increase row and followed with 3 rows of moss stitch.

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