Sunday, February 13, 2011


Maybe I should name this post "random yammerings from this week." Nah... Anyhow!

I convinced my friends to try Lydia's pants on their daughter Emma, age 2. Super cute. We both agreed that they should work well to at least age 5, with adjustments needed only in the elastics. I asked Emma if she would like her own pair and she seemed quite taken with the notion. I'm going to try to bang out a pair for her once they pick out fabric, and finish any refining to the pattern. It really only needs a bit wider casings so I can do proper french seams on the whole thing.

My half a vanilla bean frozen yogurt was probably one of my most successful ones yet. I wanted to taste the yogurts (especially the Viili) underneath the vanilla. It ended up with an extremely subtle vanilla flavor since it blended in quite well, and the yogurt flavor was definitely prominent. Look at my lush vanilla bean specks!

Do you have a freezer canister type ice cream maker too? Does it annoy you to pieces because you hate wrapping the stupid thing in plastic wrap so carefully to store it in the freezer, and it still gets weird little frozen specks that make it act weird while it's running? I have a little secret that might help you love it again.

I love mine now. As soon as I'm done putting away my frozen goodies, I wash out the canister very thoroughly and dry it with a clean kitchen towel. And then I stuff the towel just a little bit into the canister (like the picture above), and I stick it in the freezer. It doesn't just work "as well" as plastic wrap. It works much, much better. I'm not sure about long-term storage because I've been using it every single week now.... ;^)

I made some more Sweet Herman bread today. It was even more awesome than my last batch. I ate nearly an entire (small) loaf all by myself today! {:^O
I forgot to try subbing honey for the sugar, but I continued to sub in 1 cup of wheat flour for bread flour. I also used half of the salt called for (I used 1.5 tsp and I've seen other recipes that called for this amount - but the bread did seem slightly poofier this time). I cut it when it was still warm, and it had the sensation of almost melting when I bit into it. I want to try it as rolls soon too. And maybe some Sweet Herman donut recipes after that... I am going to get poofy.

The other thing I made today was cultured butter. I would have taken some cool pictures of the action, but
1. I was too excited,
2. I was also sharing this event with Sebastian, while simultaneously trying to prevent him from coughing too near the bowl, &
3. It was really messy!
I followed the instructions from the Butter Badge blog, pretty much to the letter. My culture slid around more in the stainless mixer bowl than it normally does in a glass jar, so I was afraid I had let it go too long and it had separated. Instead I was happy to find that it was just right. The end product tastes... like butter, but different. Slight cream cheese undertones, but not exactly. Different mouth-feel. I like it a lot. The cost of cream is higher to make half as much butter as you can just buy, so it feels like kind of a waste to make normal butter. This is different and unusual enough that I feel like I can justify it for table butter (ie, not for baking, although I am curious).

I made Sebastian some new pajama pants (finally!) before Lydia's pants, but I just took pictures this week. French seams through the legs, the elastic at top is encased and folded over twice, and the bottom selvedge is turned in before top-stitching. Absolutely no exposed seams anywhere. They fit him well, but with plenty of room to grow. :^D

Look, a kitty!

And guess who had her first taste of "solids" on Saturday the 12th? She's giving the camera her serious look because my dad was holding it... and she's currently afraid of him. Hahaha, she cries so pitifully when we try to hand her to him. I think it's the mustache. ;^)

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