Friday, February 04, 2011

Frozen Yogurt Flavor of the Week

And the frozen yogurt flavor of the week is...

Chocolate pudding! And it is tasty. I didn't get a picture because I was so panicked trying to clean up the crazy mess that happened when my frozen yogurt overflowed my 1.5 quart freezer canister ice cream maker... I even dropped a ceramic bowl while trying to get the frozen yogurt scooped quickly. It broke. :^(

Luckily it was one of a set and I still have three other bowls.

I do have pictures of the yogurt getting ready to drain, and draining. I made a reusable cheesecloth from cotton gauze so I could stop draping coffee filters in my enormous colander.

I got impatient with the draining process, so I tried out the bungee I had set up in preparation for my husband's next cheese-making experiment. (He hasn't set a date yet, but I hunted down the bungee so I was excited about it). It was pretty cool. :^)

Chocolate Pudding Frozen Yogurt

2 cups Drained Yogurt
2 cups Chocolate Pudding
2-3 tsp Sugar (or to taste)

Mix it all up and put it in the ice cream maker. :^)

(When I made it, I had about 3 cups yogurt to 1.5 cups pudding. It is very good, but I would have liked it a bit more chocolatey and also - it overflowed my ice cream maker! Four cups is the absolute maximum fo' real).

I made chocolate pudding from our family recipe just for this. And also, because I knew there would be extra pudding and I would get to eat it. :^D

In other news, the Sweet Herman starter and recipe I got from Heather has yielded results. I actually finished baking that bread at midnight last night and I was so excited I didn't get pictures. It came out awesome! I think I might have found it. The "one." The sourdough I have been hunting since my youth (well, usually I hunted it by buying it from others, but you know). The only change I made was to use 1 cup of wheat flour. I have a couple more small tweaks I want to try, but it is close enough to my memory right now to keep me happy. The first loaf is gone already so maybe it would be better for my body mass index if I didn't get it exactly perfect... I really want to get the last loaf out of the freezer. :^]

And now, check out some of my sewing. I made these balloon pants out of an entire yard of fabric (the ankle casings are actually just under her knees). I think I might be able to make these work until she's 5, haha!

Splayed toe cuteness!

And about 5 minutes later, she managed to get poop on them. It's okay, it wasn't much and I can take care of it.

More picture fun! When my boys crash, they crash hard. Really hard. My husband said "I didn't know you took a picture of me when I was asleep!" when he was pulling some other pictures off the memory card. ;^)

Actually not faking. And he chose to nap, weirdly enough.

Look at my sweet babies! :^D

He probably is faking it a bit here. ;^)

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