Monday, February 21, 2011

What Am I Eating??

Haha, so this is a post that should be enjoyed with music. Here is Weird Al's "Living in the Fridge" (I used the one set to Ice Age, because those movies are hilarious). :^)

So... I popped into one of my single-serve Viili yogurts today. I last made them with just a spoon of honey on the bottom of each one. It's probably been, oh, a week or two since I made them. I stir it up with my granola and take a bite after my customary sniff test.

What? Too acidic! Wait, no...

Too carbonated! It felt like little zaps all around the edges of my tongue. Truly strange. I had another bite (purely in the name of science. And maybe hunger). I tried to analyze the flavor the entire time I was eating it. It was full of bubbles that I hadn't really noticed before, or assumed they were incorporated from stirring. The flavor was very similar to a combination of viili and slightly sweetened soda water. I couldn't taste any alcohol but I feel like I drank an entire fizzy drink!

I still can't believe that I accidentally carbonated my yogurt. Heh.

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