Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I Made A Chair! (Edited to add More Cuteness)!

I finally finished sewing the chair for my boy. He lounged on it as soon as I brought it out for his approval. :^)

You've gotta see it.

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******ETA 10/07/2006 - More Cuteness! ******

This one also has a shot of the towel I knitted. It's not very absorbent (thanks, stupid acrylic!) but it makes a very serviceable blankie.
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Yes my friends, I tried to get him to play Gauntlet with me once. It didn't work very well for obvious reasons, but he did manage to do a little and he now grabs his controller every single time we charge up the machine. In this picture all I did was put a music cd in the dvd player...hehehe. He isn't allowed to get the wavebirds (cordless controllers) out of the drawer, but he knows the corded one is kept out just for him. Even if it's not plugged into anything.
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************End of Edit**************

It continues to slump around (an effect of the pattern and not my fault for once)..... but that could be due in part to the fact that adults can't seem to help themselves from wallowing in the chair too.

Think you can save money making a fancy chair instead of buying one? The fabric was a remnant (half off) and I still ended up spending about 70 smackers. It was nearly 20 bucks just to buy enough stuffing for the thing.

I'm in love with the fabric though. The whole time I was thinking, "I could make clothes for me out of this." But I couldn't have justified (even the half off) price of this cloth for merely covering my nakedness. That kid better take the chair to college with him.

P.S.: Cut-to-order zippers and the hardware to work with them suck. Next time I'll just buy two or three zippers that actually zip when you pull the toggle.

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