Saturday, April 22, 2006

Tons of Spinning Pics

This will be the one to break the computer. Homemade yarn pr0n to follow (does that sound kind of dirty to you)?

Wool dyed with Red Wine & Instant Coffee
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Early tries knitted up
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Purple Wool Dyed - see the following pics to see it spun
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Purple Wool carded and spun with Silk Flecks
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Purple spun Thick & Thin
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Another shot of Purple Thick & Thin
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Heathered Green - Looked crappy until I spun it.
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Coarse Alpaca - Felt like spinning human hair!
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Blended Natural Wool & Purple Roving
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Cotton & Silk Flecks
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Blackberry Dyed Wool
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My Fave! Merino/Alpaca/Silk blend I got from Winderwood Farm eBay Store . I loved the colors and it feels absolutely amazing. I could roll in it all day.
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With Camera Flash
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Closeup (Work for the camera, baby!)
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Sorry, not feeling too wordy anymore, heh!


Nik said...

now you have to teach me to spin ;)

beth said...

Your blackberry dyed wool is so purple! What mordant did you use? When I tried it, with alum and a lot of slow boiling, all I could get was a light grayish-lavender.

mama-of-purl said...

OOOH! YUM! Especially the colors in the last yarn are so beautiful!
Now the red wine/coffee dye is very intriguing- how much did you use for such a wonderful saturated color? I've been thinking about doing a skein of sock yarn with different dyes I can find in my cabinet... we still have some marinated beet roots in the refrigerator as well:-)

Greylin said...

i did it. i learned to spin. i am so frickin' excited. i spent like two hours spinning last night, and it's all lumpy and uneven but it's a start. thank you for the lesson!

Lystessa said...

Ummm, I just used vinegar for the blackberry (since it's wool it soaked it up) and it really is a nice dusty pink color in real life. Not very purple.

I thought the coffee/red wine color really ended up kind of... teak colored. Not really near as dark as I'd wanted. Red wine makes a pinker color in cotton, but in my wool it just came out a dull brown. I don't think it really was any different than just using the coffee. And I'm not very good at this so I'm not very exact, and I kinda used a lot of red wine and coffee. "Hmm, doesn't look dark enough. More, more!"

I'm really glad you learned to spin, Greylin! Although I don't think I gave much of a lesson...I'm glad you found some benefit.