Saturday, April 22, 2006

I'm Still Here

Haha, apparently my last post was in February... yeah. I have an excuse though. I got a job at the end of February!
What? You work and keep up with your blog too? Well my little boy won't nap after I'm home until I'm exhausted and useless, and he definitely won't let me do anything involved on the computer. I'm lucky if I can point and click. (And you know I do it. Point and click that is. And I love reading everyone's blog. I wish I had it together enough to keep up with mine. But at least I have Jade D. helping me out so you do occasionally get some content. BTW, love those bags JD!)

And I do still knit. On my breaks at work, that is. And I finally got the pics off the camera, so I have a little show & tell. Prepare to be underwhelmed!

First off, and slightly out of order, I would like to say...
"Happy 1st Birthday, Baby!"
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I think he deserved that pretty cake, don't you?
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And because I promised ages and ages ago, here he is *awake* in his hat. Unfortunately it was so dark you can't really appreciate how blue his eyes look with it. I did try using the flash but that made his eyes red, heh.
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Yup. I have some real content, I just didn't want to stick it all in one post. Think I can do ten posts in one day? ;^)
Oh well, it's not like more than 3 people read this anyway.

Stay tuned for more!

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mama-of-purl said...

Awwww, what a cutie Sebastian is! I bet he and my daughter Johanna (19mths) would love to hang out:-)

Happy belated birthday, little guy!