Wednesday, April 19, 2006

As promised! (Finally.)

Finished projects. Two down, one to go.

The top one is Baby's First Bag of Holding. I used some hideous green acrylic that I inherited from my grandmother and knit a double strand in the round on #13 circulars. I had to use two sets of circulars towards the end of my decreases because my LYS didn't have any #13 DPNs. I crocheted a chain for the drawstring and threaded it through yarn-over eyelets.

The second one is the dice bag I made for my hubby. It's got his army's insignia on it. I did this one on DPNs, but instead of decreasing I just stopped at the desired length and used grafting to seamlessly join the bottom edge. The insignia is done in duplicate stitch.

I have also completed a few items for my niece's baby doll, which I will photograph and post when I have a complete set. I'm almost finished with the jogging suit for my friend's daughter's American Girl doll, which I will also post when it's complete. I forgot to take snaps of the spiderman diaper cover, but it turned out to be too small for my fast-growing boy by the time I finished it so there won't be any action shots -- not with this baby, anyway.

My next big project is a reversable checkers/othello game mat for my nephew -- the first pattern I've designed from scratch. I've also got some more doll clothes on the list. I'm taking a break from diaper covers for the moment, but I've got a few sets of monster booties on the docket for my expectant friends. I've also become enamored of crochet, so I might have a baby blanket or two ready by October, when two babies are due to arrive.

More picture soon! School is almost out!

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Nik said...

Hey hon,
i like that dice bag...i could use a small bag like that for my knitting notions. do you guys still meet on mondays? i always forget about it until i'm lying in the bed on monday nights...