Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Some of the Cute

I just had to throw a few pics of my little boy at you. :^)

He's rediscovered his hammer (and will probably have it taken away within the next couple of days, oh man it is SO LOUD!)

I caught him sticking it in the back of his pants! To my knowledge he has never seen a workman of any sort using a hammer. I'm wondering if it's in his genes somehow. Or maybe he has seen either Papa or GranDad do something similar. I doubt it, but it's possible.



Yesterday he wouldn't take a nap at the usual time. So I gave up and just cut his hair and gave him a bath instead. Then he falls asleep in the cabinet! (And, incidentally, totally hot-boxed himself. He's been doing really great with the potty training this week, but he must have had a poop right as he was almost asleep. Poor kid!) He actually had the doors closed. We discovered the stench and the cuteness when we opened the door to check on him. (Yes, of course we dragged him out and changed him just as soon as the pictures were taken).


It's been a really long time since I was able to fall asleep in a cabinet!

So, a couple of funny things he's said recently:

In response to "Why don't we go potty now?" he tells me "How about we don't?" just the other day. I'm cracking up so hard and he laughs with me. And even more recently he wakes up from a nap, sits up and leans back on the couch and looks over at me. "Soooooo....How's it going, Mommy?" In between flustered giggles I manage to respond "It's going well. How's it going for you?" And he just grins and grins while I laugh.

I sure hope he manages to hang onto some of his attitude through school.

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