Thursday, September 27, 2007

Local Pride

In the form of a hat!

I made this up for one of my dear friends of old, a rabid Hurricanes fan. She requested gloves... but I really wanted to use this chart. It was too big for gloves. It's nearly too big for the hat too!

And ummm, if you're reading this Ms. A&W, you still have to pretend to be excited when I give it to you. So there. :')




(This was taken in a mirror, so the logo is reversed).

I haven't actually finished anything else since I last wrote, but I've done a little of this and that and started a ton of things. Dyeing, spinning, (even some cleaning), and casting on and swatching. Hopefully I will have another finished object to show you soon.

1 comment:

gray la gran said...

excellent! i am not a hurricanes fan, but i can appreciate the work put into that hat ... and i bet it's going to draw a lot of attention when worn :)