Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Fresh Yarn

And bright too!

I did some spinning after finishing Sahara. I used the shetland/angora blend that I dyed with easter egg dye, and some yummy black alpaca. I then plied that in the same direction as the first spinning with a teal rayon thread that I had beaded. I navajo plied the whole thing to get this:


Look at the beads!

I still actually need to work on this a little more. The different fibers took the twist differently and the black sections need more twist (in the navajo plying direction) to be balanced.

Also I need a name for it. So far all that's come to me is "Cyber." Any ideas?

I have been knitting a fair bit on a tank top I'm trying to design. I don't really want to show it until I'm done with it. Especially since there's always the chance it will just get ripped if it doesn't come together properly.

And just because, I leave you with a pic of Kahlua with a flower.


Anonymous said...

Could you email me a copy of your Decepticon knitting chart? I have a great idea for a project for my 9-year-old son, who is a Transformers FREAK! I tried to access it on your blog, but it appears that the bottom few rows are cut off. I would REALLY appreciate your help.

geekette said...

Wow - what beautiful yarn! The only appropriate name for that is, of course, "MINE!"