Friday, January 27, 2006

Latest of the Diaper Covers

I know, I know, I've made a ton of these already. So tough, you get to look at another one!

I dyed the yarn with kool-aid, and it was bright and ugly and looked like a strawberry threw up on it. Then I overdyed it with Wilton's blue, and I washed it and rinsed and rinsed and much it even started felting to itself a little bit. AND I lanolized it; that was smart because I was able to use it immediately after finishing it instead of waiting two more days for it to dry again.

And, it seems to be a bit more colorfast than the last time I tried dyeing with this method. Yay!

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Oh, and here is a better pic of the booties I had up ages ago.

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Nik said...

what does lanolizing it do? I so want to dye with Kool-Aid but I don't think the colors will be dark enough for me. Maybe I'll try it just to see how it works.
Hey, you should have a Kool-Aid dyeing party at your house.