Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I'm a Slacker

Sorry I'm so slack. It's teething days here at la casa del Sebastian. But since you've been so good I have some pictures of one last Christmas present for you. This was a hat I made for our niece (18 months old). The name of it is Frivol hat, I've linked it below and in the sidebar.

Some progress pics...
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And the finished article.
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It looked really cute on her, but I didn't manage to get a pic of her wearing it. The pattern is Frivol Hat.

I also made a black and blue hat for my dad, at my mom's recommendation. He was just like "oh, thanks" until Mama said "she MADE that." He thought I bought it.

I also started a cotton baby sweater the day we left for Christmas. I'm completely finished with it but I want to wash it once before I get the pic. Here's what it looked like on the blocking board.

P.S. - Is it completely obvious that I've never blocked anything before and didn't really have a clue??

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With the dry, unblocked sleeves beside it.
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I used exactly one ball of this cotton denim stuff. Notice how much was left.
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Now that I have Jade Dragon hanging out, this blog will get updated a little more often! Thanks Jade!


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Nik said...

I also use one of those sewing boards for my blocking board. It works just as good as those fancy, schmancy blocking boards.

although, I'd kill to have a fancy schmancy board ;)