Monday, May 26, 2008

I Love This Weather!

Well, actually I get kinda down on rainy overcast days. But it's so worth it once the sun comes back out. And how lucky have we been to have a cooler-than-usual May? My back patio has become my favorite place to be. Last summer I could hardly bear to look at it.

The wisteria bloomed first. It's growing like mad now, and starting to set more buds.


No wait, I think the roses might have been first. I love this rosebush so much (it's Honey Perfume if you're into that. Tough, hardy, disease-resistant, fragrant grandiflora, and it loves to bloom).



I also had an entire stand of these lilies too. They're just now finishing up, and the common orange daylilies are starting to bloom. The rose has just started to re-bloom, my calla lilies are up, and I have buds on the stargazers and the asiatic lilies. Did I mention that I like lilies?


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