Saturday, November 11, 2006

Barbie's New Dress

....and new attitude.

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It's quite a change, huh?
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I got this idea while taking the luxury bath (husbando took the baby so I could bathe without hearing screaming or having to hurry because el husbando was late for work, etc). I wanted to punk/goth out the barbie. I really wanted to paint her so it would be permanent, but now I'm thinking that makeup really is the better idea because I am awful at getting the black where I want it to go! And I can change it out later.

But I do feel really brilliant for coming up with the jewelry. I kinda wish I had made her hoops even bigger (they're molded around US #10's).

Also, that's not my desk, it is the man's desk. My desk is relatively clean, as far as horizontal surfaces go in this household. I left Barbie there to greet husbando when he returned from his warhammer game (where he used my dicebag! Ha!).


TW said...

The only reason your desk is cleaner is because tiny hands remove any excess stuff from your desk!

Lystessa said...

Hehehehe, yeah I know. ;^)

He's getting taller. At this rate I won't be able to keep anything at all on my desk. *sigh*

WineGrrl said...

You could dye her hair...and give her some wee tattoos with a fine-tip permanent marker.

Lystessa said...

I actually did want to dye her hair... but then I remembered what happened when I just washed it as a kid. It has been a tangled mess ever since (although it is hard to tell in the pics). I'm also not the person to be giving anyone tattoos with a permanent marker.
It was lucky I decided to try doing her makeup with real eyeliner. Let's just say that she looked like a snaggle-toothed hill-goth-billy before I cleaned up her teeth.

But I do love that tattoo idea. Maybe I can find someone with a steadier hand to do it for me.